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“Socializm Haziri” – Pig Socializm


“Socializm Haziri” – Pig Socialism – the book written by Ilia Zatcovetsky and Moshe yanovskiy just starts to make its way to the reader. The book has been published by Kineret Zmora-Bitan Dvir Publishers.

The book is our attempt to assault the ‘Living Dead’ of Socialism from a new and important position. There are many talented authors who tried to prove the advantages of a free economy, based on ‘universal’ (not specific for certain historical epochs and countries) models, cases, and arguments. We believe, the historic context and political and legal institutions are matters of great importance and can’t be ignored.
Milton Friedman fixed the moment of the very start of the ‘illogical’ revival of the Dead Socialism as early as 1994: “What has happened in Europe with the collapse of the Berlin Wall? By now everybody agrees with two propositions. Proposition one: “Socialism is a failure.” Proposition two: “Capitalism is a success.” To judge from what goes on in Washington, the conclusion that has been drawn is: “Therefore, the U.S. needs more socialism.”
Our book discloses for the reader well known in Economics and in History strong incentives of Left politicians (promoters of ‘Big Government’ caring from cradle to grave) and bureaucrats. Why do they relentlessly push all the time for higher taxation, toughest regulations (nowadays, usually presented as ‘anti-discriminatory’, ‘ecological’), etc?
The book eventually shows the way, how Welfare state tends to develop into full-fledged socialism and explains, why even ‘socialism lite’ is very dangerous in Long Run perspective.
The book is based on data and numerous cases/examples from Israel and old Democracies’ historical / nowadays’ experiences.

Full references with clickable links and some supplemental materials the reader can find in the

סוציאליזם חזירי. נספחים Pig Socialism. Supplemental Materials

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