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“Socializm Haziri” – Pig Socializm


Socializm Haziri – “Pig Socialism. All you know on Welfare State but afraid to say” – is the title of a Popular Economics book just published in Hebrew by the large (relatively, for the Israel market) Publishing house Kineret Zmora.

Many people perceive the welfare state as a winning combination of capitalist efficiency and socialist “humanity”. Almost all Western countries, including Israel, maintains their welfare states that claim they are taking care of the needs of their citizens in the areas of education, health, housing, and more.

But does this concept, which is taken for granted by so many, really justify itself?

Considering many decades of broad practical experience of governmental care “in action”, isn’t it worth rethinking the necessity of welfare states?

In their book Pig Socialism, Moshe Yanovsky and Ilya Zatkovetsky try to undermine conventional wisdom and provoke the reader to consider: Is the welfare state effective? Is the Welfare State moral? Does it actually have all the hallmarks of classical, so-called “real” socialism (USSR, China pattern): immorality, disregard for human life, and immanent inefficiency?

And in short: isn’t our socialism essentially “pig”?

One could purchase the book from some alternative platforms but Kineret Zmora (and affiliated with “Kineret Zmora” bookstore net “Tzomet Sforim“):

Mendele and GetBooks.

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