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Time to destroy the Idol of “Purity of Arms”


It is a really hard time, marked by numerous horrific events. However, it is a perfect time for us to critically examine the concept of “Purity of Arms” and recognize its grave flaws.

The recent failure of the Israeli Army to protect fellow Jews represents an awful moral failure. Among all the moral failures, the failure of the Jewish Army to safeguard its own people is the most profound.
Causing collateral damage or incurring losses among individuals exploited by the enemy as “human shields,” regardless of the scale, should not be regarded as a moral failure.
It is important to note that, even from a formal standpoint, Israel has never formally obligated itself to minimize losses among “human shields” or other collateral damage. Israel ratified the Geneva Convention (IV) relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War on August 12, 1949. The Convention clearly places the responsibility for civilian lives on the side that uses human shields for defensive purposes, rather than on the attacking side. The party deploying its forces among civilian populations bears the responsibility for any resulting losses. Israel’s Military Advocate General’s Corps and certain elements within the judiciary, driven by far-left ideology, attempt to place the blame on our soldiers and officers, which is simply against the law.
However, the most critical point to acknowledge is the state of military “justice” in Israel and the false prophets who promote the “Purity of Arms” concept.
Jewish children’s and Jewish women’s blood and their damaged Honor – are the only substances really damaging the Jewish warriors’ honor and real purity of arms.
This is a matter of great concern that we must fully comprehend and address.

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