Shomron Center for Economic Policy Research

In Search for an efficient Institutions

Selected Data sets for papers and articles

Democracy of “Taxation-Redistribution”…

Supplementary  Materials and Data Description  (pdf-file),  

Supplementary materials and Data description (docx-file) 

Data Set   

Data set – latest update                                       

Government spending to GDP (xlsx)

Butter beats the Guns: 

Seven Powers  

Four Democratic Powers panel data         USA time series  

Case of Israel

Israel time series        Israel Parliament elections history

 Terrorism incentives, War on Terror strategies (To kill the Hope…)

Monthly and yearly statistics of terror casualties in Israel (British control period including) , 1919 – 2014


Freedom  and Economic Growth: Indicators, Ratings, Causal relationship

Data set for article  “Freedom, Ratings and Economic Growth: In search of Reliable Indicators”


California – 1992 Federal elections: statement_of_vote_general_1992

A Proposal for a More Objective Measure of De Facto Constitutional Constraints

200 years (1811-2010)

43 years (1970-2912)


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