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Italy: noteworthy post-pandemic Elections


General Elections on September 25, 2022, bring to power a conservative coalition led by Giorgia Meloni (Brothers of Italy). After 99% of votes counted, the coalition has already secured at least 235 seats out of 400 in the Chamber of Deputies and leads in the battle for the Senate (112 of 189; the general number of senators is 205).

Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d’Italia – FI) was the only political party represented in the previous Parliament that decisively challenged COVID-19 mandates as a threat to personal rights and liberties.
Nicholas Farrell, historian, and journalist had speculated about the probability of FI victory more than a year ago (August 3, 2021): “How remarkable, then, that such a quintessential conservative Englishman as Sir Roger Scruton should have been so powerful a cleansing influence on Italy’s post-fascists and inspired their young leader – who could well become Italy’s next premier – to transform their small, big state, big brother post-fascist party into a vote-winning patriotic, conservative party founded on the sacred principle of individual liberty.” “Why are only Italy’s ‘far right’ opposing vaccine passports?
By the date (September 28, 2022) Italian voters had manifested the highest demand for their rights and liberties protection, delivering the highest reward to the party, leading the anti-mandates movement. Look for a comparison to the other cases of elections influenced by COVID-19 mandates agenda: “Coercive Policies and Some Reactions to the Coercion in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic

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