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Chapter 1 advice: Judicial Reforms for Russia proposals 

Chapter 2 advice (To secure free speech) :

1. the Government shall not coerce a one to pay for another person’s microphone; No Public TV and Radio respectfully.

I am paying for this microphone, mr. Breen“ – told Ronald Reagan January 7, 1980 (to moderator who tried to prevent candidate’s comment), starting Republican party primaries discussion in New Hampshire. 

Since BBC establishment people in Europe  enforced  to pay for another person’s microphone. Public media is definitely far from the basic needs provided by the Government: Defence, Security and Justice. So, very position of broadcaster supported and defended by the state causes wrong incentives and permanent media bias (to the “left”; the bias so typical for European Public Channels – see for example BBC ‘s history pages proudly demonstrated).

2. 1-st amendment Yes;  Hate speech and PC – No; Russian Human Right activists initiated and lobbied Hate Speech Legislation in early 2000-ties  and succeeded. The “Memorial” and othe Human Rights organizations’ leaders and activists are among the most targeted by this (so called “anti-extremist”) legislation people (see also:

3. Media (TV including) market Free Entry: buy the frequency – it will be your licence.

4. Want to buy quality goods? Deregulate! Disband EEOC, repeal Civil Rights Act of 1964 restriction on private activities.

5. Are we ready to lose the Opportunities unleashed by COVID19 Crisis?


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