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March 5, 2024
by Moshe

How to restore public trust in Science?

The erosion of public trust in Science since the COVID-19 pandemic is evident. This erosion reflects a natural response to heavy-handed attempts to enforce a singular and unquestionable “truth” through governmental coercion.

Restoring trust requires a straightforward yet lengthy process. The government and its experts must prioritize genuine science, a principle that was neglected in 2020-2021 when China-styled lockdowns were imposed without consideration of human losses as a result of these policies OR

pushing highly centralized solutions of “safe and efficient” vaccination as the only way to protect people from the pandemic, disregarding the choice of patients.

Additionally, governmental experts should disclose any conflicts of interest when their publicly funded research results in policy advice/decisions that allocate more funds and discretionary power to governmental agencies.


Yanovskiy, M., & Socol, Y. (2023). The conflict of interest that is so grave that we all prefer to ignore it?. Semestre Económico, 12(2), 78–91.

Abstract: Conflict of Interest declaration is the default way to mitigate the risk of harm of unconscious or deliberate promotion of self-interest causing misinformation or wrong decision-making. Public attention to the disclosure of interests caused by private sources of research funding results in a routine procedure now. At the same time, very strong interests caused by taxpayer-covered Governmental funding of research are generally badly underestimated. Researchers generally have no idea that taking public funding and promoting policy advice to provide more funds should be declared as a conflict of interest: Promotion of more funds and power under the control of bureaucratic bodies or entities is anticipated to bring more funding for the researchers themselves. For example, the COVID-19 response of most democratic governments, based on the use of emergency powers, enjoys broad support from publicly funded research – though the effectiveness of such a response is not supported by the history of previous pandemics. The explicit requirement to disclose public funding as a potential Conflict of Interest, at least in case the authors promote more power and more funds for the Government, will mitigate risks of one of the potentially dangerous biases both in research and in decision-making.

February 7, 2024
by Moshe

AI in biology and medicine: perspectives from Jerusalem

A New Paper “Artificial Intelligence in Biology and Medicine, and Radioprotection Research: perspectives from Jerusalem” by Yehoshua Socol, Ariella Richardson, and other colleagues just been published in Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence, Sec. Medicine and Public Health (Volume 6 – 2023).

The paper reviews reports delivered by participants of the workshop on “Artificial Intelligence in Biology and Medicine” (Jerusalem, Feb 14–15, 2023).

Among the reports, the paper’s authors mentioned our (Moshe Yanovskiy and Yair Shaki) presentation:

Moshe Yanovskiy highlighted the ethical challenges of using AI in medical decision-making. While some of these issues, such as the “moral hazard” of asymmetric information (AI developer—AI developer’s expert—medical practitioner—patient), have been discussed for decades, others are more specific to AI (Zheng et al., 2019; Cohen, 2023). Practitioners’ fear of competition or unemployment (a modern form of Luddism), can jeopardize proper deployment of AI systems. However, a more pressing and specific ethical concern is the potential for developers and regulators to promote their subjective choices under the veil of anonymity, thereby imposing them on practitioners and ultimately on patients. This can result in unforeseen and grave consequences (Yanovskiy and Socol, 2023a). For example, including equity as a component of an AI utility function may force AI decisions that might decrease the survival rate of some human cohorts (being unable to increase the survival rate of other cohorts). These and other challenges have led to calls for strict government regulation of AI, but since the government is neither an error-free machine nor a heavenly host (Yanovskiy and Socol, 2023b), caution must be exercised in implementing such standards.”

November 21, 2023
by Moshe

Is this an opportune moment for a substantial, long-term investment in Israel? It is worth considering

Is engaging in business in Israel a reasonable prospect? Should Israel be viewed as a destination for sustained business endeavors and, consequently, for substantial direct investment? We’re not suggesting a hasty purchase amidst declining asset prices due to the war and political instability. Instead, we’re focusing on the wisdom of considering long-term projects in Israel.
The pandemic and the conflict with HAMAS are undeniably detrimental to the economy. Nevertheless, there’s reason to believe that the disruptions they create may foster societal changes. In the long term, these changes could steer Israel towards a path divergent from that of other Western countries. Specifically, towards safeguarding property rights and freedom of contract, thereby cultivating a sustainable and positive business climate.

Thus, starting a business in Israel – is an opportunity, to succeed in founding a new enterprise and in refounding the Country – more free and safe.

A short paper reasoning this risky forecast just has been uploaded and is available at ResearchGate.

October 21, 2023
by Moshe

Victory means Annexation נצחון אמיתי זה ריבונות

:”יש ח”כים שחתמו את המכתב לממשלה שכולל דרישת הריבונות, אז מגיע להם “ישר כח,,)

.ויש רוב מהח”כים מהקואליציה וגם ח”כים מהמחנה ממלחתי שבעבר התחסדו כאנשי ימין שזקוקים בלחץ שלנו

:אז בוא נשלח להם מיילים ונדרש תמיכתהם לנצחון, זאת אומרת לריבונות

אנחנו היום יוצאים לפעולה שתוצאתה צריכה להיות בעלת השלכה אוניברסלית, שבכל העולם כולו, כל מי שזומם לעשות רעה ידע שיש דין ויש דיין ולא רק בשמיים אלא גם בארץ.

גם האויבים סביבנו, כולל חיזבאללה, מצרים, אש”פ וערבי ישראל, עוקבים אחרי המתרחש. אם לא ננצח את חמאס הפעם – אז בעיני כל העולם הערבי והמוסלמי נהיה לסמרטוט, לטרף חלש ובזוי, ואף דבר לא ימנע מהם לתקוף אותנו.

הפעם אנחנו חייבים לנצח. אך כדי לנצח ולהביס את החמאס – עלינו להבין איזו תוצאה תתקבל בתודעת אויבינו כתבוסה שלהם. מוות? הם מקדישים את מוות. כל אבידה בחיי אדם שלהם – מתקבלת אצלם כפרס. “הרס תשתיות”? חסר משמעות בעיניהם. אבל, אם אחרי הקרבות, על חורבות עזה יקום לפחות איש חמאס אחד, או אולי איש מאירגון טרור אחר, ויכריז “שהידים שלנו הביסו את ישראל, שמרנו על האדמה שלנו” – זה יתקבע בתודעה כניצחון שלהם.

אסור לנו לאפשר להם את זה.

הדבר היחיד שיכול באמת להכניע אותם טוטאלית, זה אם אנחנו ניקח מהם את השטח שהם שולטים בו היום. עם ישראל מוכן לזה. הממשלה, הצבא צריכים לשמוע לקול העם.

:מקורות – פרושים של

דר’ מרדכי קידר

דר’ אליעזר שרקי

ר’ אורי שרקי

ר’ יהודא לאון אשכנזי

אפשר גם לחתום את ה עצומה


October 8, 2023
by Moshe

Time to destroy the Idol of “Purity of Arms”

It is a really hard time, marked by numerous horrific events. However, it is a perfect time for us to critically examine the concept of “Purity of Arms” and recognize its grave flaws.

The recent failure of the Israeli Army to protect fellow Jews represents an awful moral failure. Among all the moral failures, the failure of the Jewish Army to safeguard its own people is the most profound.
Causing collateral damage or incurring losses among individuals exploited by the enemy as “human shields,” regardless of the scale, should not be regarded as a moral failure.
It is important to note that, even from a formal standpoint, Israel has never formally obligated itself to minimize losses among “human shields” or other collateral damage. Israel ratified the Geneva Convention (IV) relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War on August 12, 1949. The Convention clearly places the responsibility for civilian lives on the side that uses human shields for defensive purposes, rather than on the attacking side. The party deploying its forces among civilian populations bears the responsibility for any resulting losses. Israel’s Military Advocate General’s Corps and certain elements within the judiciary, driven by far-left ideology, attempt to place the blame on our soldiers and officers, which is simply against the law.
However, the most critical point to acknowledge is the state of military “justice” in Israel and the false prophets who promote the “Purity of Arms” concept.
Jewish children’s and Jewish women’s blood and their damaged Honor – are the only substances really damaging the Jewish warriors’ honor and real purity of arms.
This is a matter of great concern that we must fully comprehend and address.

September 27, 2023
by Moshe

Why does the welfare state often fail to protect people on the street?

In Section 2, Chapter II of our book “Socialism Khaziri” (Pig Socialism), titled “A Good Policeman and a Lazy Policeman,” we delve into the numerous opportunities the welfare state presents to law enforcement agencies’ officers. In old times policeman was obliged to hunt dangerous criminals, and patrol streets, in order to “serve and protect” the citizens. The Times have changed and Government priorities have changed

Now, instead of focusing solely on apprehending murderers, robbers, and rapists, police officers often find themselves engaged in tasks such as monitoring social media for rudeness, fostering connections with society, and participating in various forms of political activism in the name of inclusivity.
A recent example illustrates this point vividly. The British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, raised a question regarding whether police officers should prioritize solving crimes over activism: “paid [attention] to solve crimes, not dance with drag queens”. Almost immediately, her inquiry faced an objection from the president of the Police Superintendents’ Association – Paul Fotheringham. Fotheringham expressed a preference for dancing with individuals in women’s attire, not chasing dangerous criminals.
It becomes evident that a state (namely – welfare state) cannot effectively serve and protect its citizens while simultaneously attempting to manage every aspect of their lives. Police forces inevitably adapt to prevailing circumstances and ultimately will be guided by incentives, as traditional values, and moral principles rooted in Sinai Revelation, once held in high regard, have fallen out of favor, and “conscience was hanged long ago”.

P.S. Suella Braverman who challenged the police’s miserable failures ultimately got fired by ‘moderate’ prime minister Sunak. So police officers are now free to dance with drag queens, attack peaceful right-winger meetings, and tolerate left-wingers’ violence:

“In an opinion column for The Times, the Home Secretary accused the police of the police of “playing favorites” with how it handles controversial protests by showing a more lenient attitude to left-wing protesters than their right-wing counterparts.

In the piece, she compared pro-Palestinian demonstrations to Protestant marches in Northern Ireland – comments that were labeled “wholly offensive” and “ignorant” by one former Tory cabinet minister.

Critics – from both opposition parties and fellow Tory MPs – called Ms Braverman’s comments “offensive” and “inflammatory”.

September 21, 2023
by Moshe

Invisible Conflict of Interest

Receiving funding for research from tobacco or oil companies and subsequently reaching the conclusion, based on project results, that smoking has health benefits or that offshore oil production carries no spill risks is undeniably problematic. Hence, it has become customary to expect authors to provide a statement of potential conflicts of interest in addition to presenting concrete evidence and arguments.

Accepting funding from a company specializing in the development of “effective and safe” magical vaccines and subsequently affirming the absolute safety and exceptional efficacy of these vaccines can be highly beneficial for society, especially when its interests are represented by government officials with purely altruistic intentions. While it is advisable to include a conflict-of-interest statement in such publications, it may not be deemed strictly necessary.

However, what sort of conflict of interest could possibly emerge for an author who consistently receives grants from government-funded sources (financed by taxpayers) and, based on research outcomes, advocates for expanded discretionary powers for virtuous, angel-like civil servants, as well as increased funding for these dedicated individuals and the government-managed funds they oversee? The prevailing consensus among the majority of colleagues is that there is hardly a hint of a conflict of interest in the aforementioned scenario.

This perspective is challenged in our recently published article: Yanovskiy Moshe, Socol Yehoshua. The conflict of interest that is so grave that we all prefer to ignore it? Semestre Económico (2023), 12(2), 78–91., the Supplemental materials to the article are also available.

September 12, 2023
by Moshe

The case for Family and marriage privatization

Spanis bilingual Journal Derecho y religión (The Law and Religion), .No 18, 2023 (frankly speaking – it is a scientific equivalent of Indian reservation) has published two important for us articles in defense of Family and Marriage institutions from governmental assault.

Communists and socialists are traditionally hostile to these institutions preventing human beings from atomized existence and, therefore, harming the case of establishment of total governmental control over society. Marx and Engels openly and proudly targeted family since the 1848 Communist Manifesto. They promised to eliminate family by means of compulsory (brainwashing) education. This idea was inherited and broadly applied by Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and bloodthirsty socialist dictators of the XX century.

The welfare states use the same approach in their attempts to weaken and eventually eliminate the principal competitor (rival) in care for poor and elderly people, in education, and in healthcare. The family and Civil society based on institutions family and marriage do all these things much better and so can not be tolerated.

Our first article “Does Government Crowd Out the Family?” – presents a short historical review of the government’s attempts to crowd Family institution out and interprets the decline in marriage and birth rates in developed countries as a measurable outcome of Unlimited Government policies. (See also Reference materials by Yanovskiy, Shestakov, Letunova to this article).

The second article “Marital rape institution vs. Judeo-Christian Tradition” shows why modern “Marital rape” institution is incompatible with honest and impartial “Due Process of Law” while perfect as a weapon for political or business rivals annihilation.

Access to both articles is restricted, so we could send the text upon request.

August 28, 2023
by Moshe

IEA report citing our article

First and foremost, the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) founded in 1955 by Fridrich von Hayek is alive and well – it is really great news for us and for all freedom-loving people.

The backers of IEA exhibit resilience and courage, standing in stark contrast to individuals like Mr. Arthur Dantchik. Mr. Dantchik, regrettably, forsook his commitment to freedom and capitulated to the far left, withdrawing funding from the Kohelet Center in Israel. This withdrawal came about due to the center’s involvement in shaping a moderate reform within the judiciary, a move that profoundly vexed those on the political Left.

The IEA’s recent publication, the ‘Nanny State Index 2023,’ elucidates the relative evolution of personal freedom in contrast to the coercive encroachment of expansive governmental oversight across various European nations.

Contained within the freshly minted report titled ‘Did Lockdowns Work? Assessing the Efficacy of Covid Restrictions,’ disseminated by the IEA, the authors reference our own article, Are lockdowns effective in managing pandemics? This article, featured in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (2022), has now garnered its eighth citation.

August 9, 2023
by Moshe

Even Big Business finally discovered: they are not welcomed by CCP

So, It is time to leave Communist China…

Blomberg Agency has informed on record-breaking fall in Foreign Direct Investments in Communist China
It reminds our 14 years old paper noting that Deng Xiaoping’s protection for foreign investors built on the basis artificial intra-CPC system of checks and balances had collapsed, so the Business climate in China absorbed a blow causing irreversible degradation. Just 14 years after Big Business ultimately got that they should gradually prepare their exit from the more and more hostile China Communist environment.

Our pretty old forecast.

For some details see business media notes.