Shomron Center for Economic Policy Research

In Search for an efficient Institutions



Electoral Statistics

Publications and Libraries

The ISNIE Reading List

Think Tanks in Israel

Institute for Advanced Political and Economic Studies

The Shalem Center

Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies 

International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (Herzliya)

Begin-Sadat Center for strategic studies, Bar Ilan University

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

Think Tanks in Russia

The Institute for Urban Economics

Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy

The Bureau of Economic Analysis

(relevant policy advice for Russia)

Center for Economic and Financial Researches

(publications in best peer-reviewed magazines)

Gaidar’s archive of electronic documents related to modern Russian economic history:

The History of New Russia: collection of articles, reports and documents about Russian 1990-ties economic and political Reforms


Think Tanks in the USA Institute for Marriage and Public Policy

IRIS Center

The American Enterprise Institute

FreedomWorks Foundation

Hudson Institute

Margaret Thatcher Institute

Center for Security Policy

George Mason University Mercatus Center

Mexican site: Transitional problems and Economic Freedom promotion


Economic and History Data sources

Historical statistics (Decennial censuses since 1790 data)

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