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Is this an opportune moment for a substantial, long-term investment in Israel? It is worth considering


Is engaging in business in Israel a reasonable prospect? Should Israel be viewed as a destination for sustained business endeavors and, consequently, for substantial direct investment? We’re not suggesting a hasty purchase amidst declining asset prices due to the war and political instability. Instead, we’re focusing on the wisdom of considering long-term projects in Israel.
The pandemic and the conflict with HAMAS are undeniably detrimental to the economy. Nevertheless, there’s reason to believe that the disruptions they create may foster societal changes. In the long term, these changes could steer Israel towards a path divergent from that of other Western countries. Specifically, towards safeguarding property rights and freedom of contract, thereby cultivating a sustainable and positive business climate.

Thus, starting a business in Israel – is an opportunity, to succeed in founding a new enterprise and in refounding the Country – more free and safe.

A short paper reasoning this risky forecast just has been uploaded and is available at ResearchGate.

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