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Obey the rules of scientific Discussion, protect family doctors


Austrian local family doctor joined the campaign for experimental vaccine(s) (as FDA confessed “Information is not yet available about potential long-term health outcomes”; see for more references “COVID-19 Library” section IV.5) promotion, with a little bit of excessive enthusiasm. She wasn’t among the principal decision-makers, but she agreed to be one of the faces, the front-woman of the campaign. This campaign brazenly ignored the rules of scientific discussion. Dissent opinions were suppressed, and all alternatives to vaccines were declared useless. Eventually, vaccine fanatical hysteria caused the adoption of draconian “law” mandating vaccination under threat of severe fines (up to 15,000 USD yearly).

Opposition against these policies became tougher and tougher. Austrian Freedom party and the newly formed MFG People Fundamental Rights Party took to the streets and protested until the Government abandoned this “law” enforcement.

The poor woman meanwhile faced more and more irritation from her patients both on the Internet and in person. They rated her personal and professional qualities lower and lower. Eventually, she committed suicide. The lesson of the story is pretty simple: never violate rules of scientific discussion, never follow Big Government interests, and never abandon your compatriots, your neighbors, and your patient’s best interests for the sake of Big power-thirsty social Bureaucracy’s best interests. The shameless politicians will never protect you, they’ll exploit your sorrow for advancing their agenda.

Following the rules of scientific discussion, revering unlimited freedom of speech and discussion can save your family doctor’s life!

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