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IEA report citing our article


First and foremost, the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) founded in 1955 by Fridrich von Hayek is alive and well – it is really great news for us and for all freedom-loving people.

The backers of IEA exhibit resilience and courage, standing in stark contrast to individuals like Mr. Arthur Dantchik. Mr. Dantchik, regrettably, forsook his commitment to freedom and capitulated to the far left, withdrawing funding from the Kohelet Center in Israel. This withdrawal came about due to the center’s involvement in shaping a moderate reform within the judiciary, a move that profoundly vexed those on the political Left.

The IEA’s recent publication, the ‘Nanny State Index 2023,’ elucidates the relative evolution of personal freedom in contrast to the coercive encroachment of expansive governmental oversight across various European nations.

Contained within the freshly minted report titled ‘Did Lockdowns Work? Assessing the Efficacy of Covid Restrictions,’ disseminated by the IEA, the authors reference our own article, Are lockdowns effective in managing pandemics? This article, featured in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (2022), has now garnered its eighth citation.

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