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The case for Family and marriage privatization


Spanis bilingual Journal Derecho y religión (The Law and Religion), .No 18, 2023 (frankly speaking – it is a scientific equivalent of Indian reservation) has published two important for us articles in defense of Family and Marriage institutions from governmental assault.

Communists and socialists are traditionally hostile to these institutions preventing human beings from atomized existence and, therefore, harming the case of establishment of total governmental control over society. Marx and Engels openly and proudly targeted family since the 1848 Communist Manifesto. They promised to eliminate family by means of compulsory (brainwashing) education. This idea was inherited and broadly applied by Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and bloodthirsty socialist dictators of the XX century.

The welfare states use the same approach in their attempts to weaken and eventually eliminate the principal competitor (rival) in care for poor and elderly people, in education, and in healthcare. The family and Civil society based on institutions family and marriage do all these things much better and so can not be tolerated.

Our first article “Does Government Crowd Out the Family?” – presents a short historical review of the government’s attempts to crowd Family institution out and interprets the decline in marriage and birth rates in developed countries as a measurable outcome of Unlimited Government policies. (See also Reference materials by Yanovskiy, Shestakov, Letunova to this article).

The second article “Marital rape institution vs. Judeo-Christian Tradition” shows why modern “Marital rape” institution is incompatible with honest and impartial “Due Process of Law” while perfect as a weapon for political or business rivals annihilation.

Access to both articles is restricted, so we could send the text upon request.

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