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Unequal partners: Your marriage is probably making inequality better


Matthew Yglesias –  the “Slate” Magazine’s business and economics correspondent published article headed “Unequal partners. Your marriage is probably making inequality worse“. Sure, Inequality caused by real differences is great thing. As that  the point of liberal (leftist) journalist is?

The Point is  – the greedy rich WASPs are less and less ready to marry poor Cinderella since 1960-ties. The liberal guy quite seriously advises to marry poor. Let marry to redistribute your wealth!

The problem is, as a result of liberal activities to marry poor turned to be more and more risky. One should get risk to lose his savings, house, children as a fee for mistaken choice.

So, our advice is pretty opposite to liberal one: marry, marry unequal (I mean, marry nice, kind, old-fashioned -conservatively minded girls) and read our papers: “The Gender Role of the Government: Some explanation of Family crisis” and “The Limits  of Governmental Intervention: Some Ways how Government belongs  in the Bedroom and Nursery

to get, how Liberals kill the Family and Marriage Institutions and why they so eager to do it.

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