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Why does the welfare state often fail to protect people on the street?


In Section 2, Chapter II of our book “Socialism Khaziri” (Pig Socialism), titled “A Good Policeman and a Lazy Policeman,” we delve into the numerous opportunities the welfare state presents to law enforcement agencies’ officers. In old times policeman was obliged to hunt dangerous criminals, and patrol streets, in order to “serve and protect” the citizens. The Times have changed and Government priorities have changed

Now, instead of focusing solely on apprehending murderers, robbers, and rapists, police officers often find themselves engaged in tasks such as monitoring social media for rudeness, fostering connections with society, and participating in various forms of political activism in the name of inclusivity.
A recent example illustrates this point vividly. The British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, raised a question regarding whether police officers should prioritize solving crimes over activism: “paid [attention] to solve crimes, not dance with drag queens”. Almost immediately, her inquiry faced an objection from the president of the Police Superintendents’ Association – Paul Fotheringham. Fotheringham expressed a preference for dancing with individuals in women’s attire, not chasing dangerous criminals.
It becomes evident that a state (namely – welfare state) cannot effectively serve and protect its citizens while simultaneously attempting to manage every aspect of their lives. Police forces inevitably adapt to prevailing circumstances and ultimately will be guided by incentives, as traditional values, and moral principles rooted in Sinai Revelation, once held in high regard, have fallen out of favor, and “conscience was hanged long ago”.

P.S. Suella Braverman who challenged the police’s miserable failures ultimately got fired by ‘moderate’ prime minister Sunak. So police officers are now free to dance with drag queens, attack peaceful right-winger meetings, and tolerate left-wingers’ violence:

“In an opinion column for The Times, the Home Secretary accused the police of the police of “playing favorites” with how it handles controversial protests by showing a more lenient attitude to left-wing protesters than their right-wing counterparts.

In the piece, she compared pro-Palestinian demonstrations to Protestant marches in Northern Ireland – comments that were labeled “wholly offensive” and “ignorant” by one former Tory cabinet minister.

Critics – from both opposition parties and fellow Tory MPs – called Ms Braverman’s comments “offensive” and “inflammatory”.

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