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Hamas threatens to swing the gates of hell open for Israel … again?


Opposition MK presses the Government of Israel to kill Hamas leaders after a series of murderous terrorist attacks. Prime minister Bennet could be personally interested in killing Hamas leaders due to saving his shaky Government or, in the worst case, to strengthen his bleeding Yamina on the eve of new elections.

Hamas leaders just made these simple political calculations and have become very unhappy. They threaten Israel with a “regional earthquake’ if leaders are assassinated”.

It is an excellent time to remind what actually happened after Israel (then prime minister A.Sharon was in charge) had annihilated sheikh Ahmed Yassin – the “spiritual leader” of Hamas March 2004 and then, just in a few weeks killed the operative chief of Hamas Abdel al-Rantisi. Hamas had threatened “to swing the gates of hell open for Israel“.

Actually, something opposite has happened. Hamas had switched resources to prepare an attack against Fath (capture of the Gaza strip) and substantially limited its’ terrorist activities (see here fig. 1).

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