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Institutions, suppressing Economic Growth

“How the Import of Modern Western Institutions Suppress Economic Growth: 1990-ties East-West and West-East Transition” – it is a working name of the book (in Russian original: “Institucionalnye ogranichenia sovremenogo ekonomicheskogo rosta” –  Institutional Constraints on Modern Economic Growth  – “Delo” Publishing House Moscow, 2011). The book is in translation currently.

The book structure  and short description of the chapters’ content you could find here .

The “sample” of the translated chapters  (Chapter 1 , Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 7,  Chapter 8,  Chapter 9, Chapter 10,  Chapter 12,   Chapter 13)  unedited  translation is already downloadable.

Additional materials for the Book 2nd edition and for English edition as well

1. Annex to Chapter 13:  How safe is it, to confuse Defense with Care?  Concerning the Compatibility of Quantitatively Significant Spending on “Butter” and Qualitative – on “Guns” report        

Data for statistical analysis and more:

Four Democratic Powers panel data         USA time series

Israel time series        Israel Parliament elections history

2. Annex to Chapter 13:  “Democracy of “Taxation-Redistribution” and Peacetime Budget Deficit

Data for Statistical analysis  

3. Annex to the  Chapter 11:  Crisis of the Institution of the Family: Causes of the Illness and Its Remedies: report “The Gender Role of the Government. Some explanations of Family crisis

Selected data for statistical analysis.

Marital Rape spread and Economic Freedom in the World,  some related data

English by Elen Rochlin

Critics and comments are welcomed.


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