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In Search for an efficient Institutions

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Institutional Constraints on Modern Economic Growth

How the Import of Modern Western Institutions Suppresses Economic Growth: 1990-ties East-West and West-East Transition


Literature survey 

Chapter 1. The Missing State: Failures of the Judicial System, Dependent and Corrupted Courts, Police, and Special Services

Chapter 2: The Crooked Mirror

Chapter 3 “Modern Robbers: Special Interests Groups and Economic Growth Slowdown”

Chapter 4:  New and Old Stimuli for Open Robbery

Chapter 5: Effectiveness and Quality of the Financial Market Institutions

Chapter 6: Rental Incomes: The of Resource Curse and the Corruption of the Electorate

Chapter 7:  Immigration: Conditions for Choosing an Adaptation Strategy and Strategies for Avoiding Adaptation

Chapter 8: Authoritarianism and Chinese “success story” Concerning Certain Features of Chinese Economic Growth

Chapter 9:  Modern  Anti-Capitalist Ideologies

Chapter 10:  Democracy abridged

Chapter 11:  Crisis of the Institution of the Family: Causes of the Illness and Its Remedies

Chapter 12: “Old Testament” Morality and the “Traditional” Family

Chapter 13: Restoring a Taxpayer’s Democracy

Summary and Conclusions


English by Elen Rochlin

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