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XX Knesset Elections: What Do These Parties Really Stand for?


Why people less and less interested in the parties’ electoral platforms? Why Leftists in spite of numerous failures in security (“Peace Process”) and in spite of poor performance in economic issues are going on in pushing their radical ideas and Rightist so easily surrender their positions?

In proposed short paper we propose our explanation to this phenomena and provide short review of party positions on 11 issues:

1. The judicial / court system reforms
2. Private property, including Real Estate safeguards
3. Taxation / new Governmental spending (mandatory), budget balance / deficit
4. Business climate / business regulations
5. Arabians, Arabian autonomy, Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem statute solution,
6. Freedom of speech, freedom of press and media-market
7.  Education
8.  The IDF statute, tasks, functions and responsibilities, “new military justice” and politicized prosecutions problem;
9. Self-defense and 2nd amendment (Right to bear Arms)
10. Family, Government intervention “to protect” wives against husbands and children against parents
11. Illegal immigration

We are focusing on parties’ deeds not on their platforms, first and foremost.

Israel primaries peculiarities’ short description in comparison with US original pattern provided (see annex 2).

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