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We can’t afford more economic nonsense. New Position Paper on lessons for Israel from Ukraine invasion of Putin


Socialist, ‘green’ experiments had weakened Western economic power and emboldened Putin. Economic power is one of the key advantages of Israel in the Middle East and the basis for our military power. We can’t afford useless and dangerous political decisions harming our economy. We can’t afford to burden our business with heavy unjustified and frivolous regulations. We must scrap all this nonsense for the sake of our economic growth and, first and foremost, for the sake of our security.

Position paper “Learning the Lessons from the Ukrainian War for Israel Economic Policies. We can’t afford more economic nonsenses” strongly recommends:

To encourage the development of the gas industry on the reliable basis of well-defined private property rights on gas fields.
To scrap sophisticated, burdensome, and generally useless regulations imposed on business. To repeal ‘traditional’ – above-mentioned business regulation is needed as well as the elimination of the ‘new’ regulations restricting private freedom under the pretext of ‘anti-discrimination’. To repeal ‘COVID-19’ coercive measures – let return right to decide to the patient and to his doctor (to vaccinate or not, if yes – how many times, to use old-fashioned or newly invented drugs, etc.).

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