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We are the champions… and this is the reason for the shame


When one narcissist – third-rate official of the Biden administration steals females’ luggage in order to parade in stolen woman’s outfit in front of the Media and at official receptions, this dude gets fired from the super-tolerant administration which was proud of him and he becomes the subject of conservatives’ mockery.[1]

When the bunch of provincial-level lawyers stole the power which not belong to them (see for more details books penned by Simcha Rotman and our, just a published book, both in Hebrew), when they were humiliating the very idea of the rule of law and Justice, more specifically: they claimed that self-incrimination extorted by torture is a legitimate way of investigation[2]; they call deregulation “unfair competition”[3], they numerous times prevented infliction of damage to terrorists and more … all these facts mean that this bunch of people had stolen their judge’s gowns and even very name of the Court, they stole very name of “Justice” and despite all these easily checkable facts, there are many thousand (not hundred thousand but still many) idiots who are ready to destroy their reputations, to cut off their connections to their friends and colleagues not in order to save the thieves from their well-deserved punishment but in order to prevent a return of just a piece of the stolen stuff.

Yes, we are the champions and this is the reason for us, to be ashamed.


[2] תפ”ח 16-01-932 מדינת ישראל נ’ בן אוליאל(עציר) ואח’

The verdict is available here and here (in Hebrew only).

Attorney Yitzhak Bam, for the defendant, said, “After the court accepted the confession and reenactment made following my client’s torture, the conviction was simply a matter of judicial acrobatics.”     …  Once the court overcame the acrobatic task, it opened our path to appeal to the Supreme Court for the very acceptance of a confession given under torture.”    “The only point of light in the verdict is the court’s reluctance to convict Ben Uliel of membership in a terrorist organization,” Bam said.

[3] Supreme Court cases ## 1030/99; 1031/99; 1050/99; 1053/99; 1201/99; 1119/99, see the verdict:  (Hebrew).

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