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The Promise kept: great choice of president Trump


Liberal web-outlet  Voxcom has published pretty useful article on the cost of Clinton failure for the American Lefts:  “missed chance to reshape Supreme Court for a generation“. The author, BTW, points out, that some republican presidents nominees in the SCOTUS had chosen to stand with liberals  in the core decisions, sharing de facto “progressive” ideological values (liberal NY senator Charles E. Schumer even calls it “mainstream”).
Instead this “bright future” president Donald Trump picked Judge Neil  Gorsuch for Antonin Scalia’s vacant seat in the SCOTUS.

New York Times: President Trump, in nominating Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, has chosen a judge who not only admires the justice he would replace but also in many ways resembles him. He shares Justice Scalia’s legal philosophy, talent for vivid writing and love of the outdoors.
Heritage Action stresses: President Trump has delivered on his campaign promises and nominated Neil Gorsuch, a conservative judge who will uphold our values and defend our Constitution…  Now we are in the most critical stage of the fight that began almost a year ago to protect the highest court in the land from a liberal takeover. At Heritage Action we will do everything we can to make sure a conservative justice is confirmed by the Senate. We need to make sure the Senate moves quickly to confirm Neil Gorsuch as the next Supreme Court Justice, and your urgent gift will fuel this fight.

Newsmax stresses rare for nowadays devotion of the candidate to the 1st Amendment values, including defense of religious freedom: Neil Gorsuch drew outrage from Democrats as conservatives cheered. Appointed by George W. Bush, Gorsuch is a staunch conservative who has ruled in favor of religious freedom. Even Alan Dershowitz offered a surprising endorsement!

Neil Gorsuch lecture delivered for Law School of Case Western Reserve University.

We wish the candidate to overcome leftists’ hostility in the Senate (Ted Cruz warns about and promises to fight for Gorsuch approval)  and the long, lasting tenure. Neil Gorsuch was born in 1967, so he could contribute reshaping the SCOTUS for a generation to protect core American values, property and Liberty.

We must pay special attention on the president Trump loyalty to his voter. He keeps his promise in spite routine for modern mainstream conservatives habit to betray their voters. Well done, Mr. President!

P.S. Two Jewish reactions on president Trumps’ pick: Orthodox Union is encouraged, Reformists find it “troubling”. It is so natural: people who believe in Sinai Revelation validity are inspired, and the people thinking eternal Laws could be corrected by women and by men to meet current needs (see “Living Constitution” concept) lament the President’s Choice.

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