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Take them all, Mr Macron!


French president-elect E.Macron invites US scientists – crusaders of Global Warming to go to the  France. “I believe in the Global warming… your new president is skeptical  …  come to the France, we need Innovators… etc”

Thank you, dear Mr Macron! Take them all!

Take ours, from Israel as well!

Innovators have being arrived in the US till nowadays to work hard, to earn money, then to run a business. They take risks of their’s businesses’  at their own cost (not at the taxpayers’ cost – you got this idea, Mr. Macron?), then they to earn a lot of money, to create new jobs, to pay taxes etc  (if you can read, try Acemoglu on the US innovations – “Can’t We All Be More Like Scandinavians?…”). It is a little bit another model of innovations. So, again, take them all, Mr Macron and G…d will bless you!


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