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Syrian “refugees” invasion


Syrian “refugees invasion actualizes problems we addressed in our book.
First and foremost it is an issue of corruption of incentives by welfare state. Politicians encouraged to “import” voters, bureaucrats to “import” new clients, supportive to their claim for more generous budget. These very incentives, powered European’s elite lack of vision and responsibility, inspired by taxpayers’ paid microphone of Public Media. These Public Media are left biased, they distort coverage of the events, they abuse dissenting opinions an join unholy alliance with politicians   (the sort of politician which is formally defined as “leftist”) and civilian bureaucrats to open the gates to impressive deterioration of social and political environment in the old EU countries.
Finally, welfare programs create adverse selection incentives machinery, attracting worst people instead of the best, poor educated and intolerant instead of well educated and ready to accept western values and identity of the country of their adoption. No any doubts,  huge majority of “refugees” will prefer lasting welfare to hard work and social adaptation in the European countries.


P.S. Dr. Guy Bechor had explained European infiltrators’ crisis by Iran Deal. I believe, this explanation contributes better understanding of the crisis. Bechor’s version looks as at least one (I guess minor, but important) additional reason for rise of incentives of middle-eastern males to invade the Europe. Dr Bechore wrote: “The millions of refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan had some vague hope that
Syrian President Bashar Assad would fall one day, that the Islamic State would disappear one day, that one day all this might end. As soon as they saw that the nuclear deal had been signed, and that Iran would receive $150 billion and an end to the sanctions, they realized that what is happening in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon is not going to end in our lifetime.”

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