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One Year of Government 34 of Israel: Leading Parties’ Positions on Key Issues


Fourteen months has passed since the day of elections and more than one year since Government 34 of Israel has been sworn in 14 May, 2015 – long enough for the various political parties to demonstrate their readiness to live up to pre-election promises. Comparing practical action taken in this time with pre-elections platforms provides a fair notion of the dynamics and choices made by party leaders: whether scrupulously to follow the line as previously defined and refined, or to try new approaches.

The paper, just presented (uploaded at SSRN) explores the leading Israeli parties’ positions (the right-wing mainly) on the key issues. The set of “key issues” is our choice and contains Judicial (legal system) reform, Judea and Samaria status, 2nd amendment right and self-defense, other security issues, economic policies. The paper is focused primarily on the most important issues like Kfar Duma arson case (investigation was accompanied by grave violation of suspected persons’ rights), terror wave, Gas deal, new legislation weakening real estate owner’s rights for the developers’ benefit and more.
The principal issue of the paper is the parties’ commitments to their pre-election promises and informal mandates.

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