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Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address


Pres. Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address could be easily reduced to the simple Declaration: “Here I am, and I’m left-wing political leader”.

Senator Rubio delivered the GOP’s answer. The latter could be summarized as: “And here we are, and we are still right-wing, conservative…”

The GOP’s supporters reactions on the both speeches almost mirrored Obama’s supporters reactions. They stressed inability of the economy burdened by huge debt and budget deficit to bear more and more spending programs (“Nation can’t afford Obama’s wish list“).

“Liberal” scientists rediscovered  for themselves that “The Party interests subordinated” science (“Party approved” science) is. So, they have re-publishing presidential address in the manner fitted for Soviet Academy of Science.

Liberal political commentators outraged by inability of GOP and Rubio to make “U-turn” quickly.

All – American left-wingers’ Chieftain slams GOP congressmen for their willingness to cut education spending for the sake of military spending (see his Address).

Well, if so, it means the real political cleavages and real political competition still observed in the USA. A number of conservative politicians’ willingness to take responsibility for the Armed Forces and to return the parents responsibility for education (educational choice) means they are simply not ceased to exists as right-wing politicians.

Anyway, the comment’s author’s ambition is pretty small: to exploit both leaders speeches to stress relevance of our definitions of leftist and rightist (conservative) politicians. The leftist politicians’ priority is mixed public goods provision (all kind of “free stuff), the rightist politicians’ priorities are defence, security, justice (pure public goods in economic terms).


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