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New IDF operation in Gaza raises old questions


Israel Defense Forces (IDF) just started new operation “Protective Edge” against HAMAS terrorists in Gaza.
The most prominent right-wing leader in Israel – Knesset vice-speaker Moshe Feiglin loudly objected the operation (The Knesset security Commission seating in Sderot – discussion in Hebrew – last minute). He insists, until the Israel will be ready to drop the Oslo agreement –  no reason to waste time and resources for operations of this sort. It means, Israel should to resettle Gaza, to cover the region by full-fledged provision of law and order for unlimited long run period. It means, first to annex, then to enter Gaza – once and forever. The operation, on Feiglin’s opinion, could just defend failing “Peace Process” and to deliver to “dovish activists”  more pretexts to harass  IDF officers and soldiers for their well done job.
Latest situations’  development: HAMAS broadly uses alive shield already. The IDF officers’ problems with new-fashion military “justice” are coming soon.
Just for reference: Geneva Convention (IV) relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War (original version) leaves all responsibility for “protected persons” (civilians’ lives) on the side which uses “alive shield”. USA and Israel never ratified Protocol 1, June 8, 1977 which reversed the situation (see for details Leftist extremists both in US and in Israel try to press the Armies to behave as if our countries did ratified Protocol 1 and treaty on International criminal court. For some details and history of dynamics of military Justice and enforcement practices in Israel and motivation behind it see

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