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‘Liberal’ Emergency Power to quell peaceful protest in Canada


Liberal Government of Canada: Emergency Act to quell peaceful protests
State Emergency to save mandates

The Epoch Times


Provincial prime ministers’ opinions are divided, while Ontario’s prime minister promises to lift vaccination passports effective March 1, 2022.
‘We Will Hold the Line’: Freedom Convoy Organizers Say They’re Not Deterred by Emergencies Act
Police Assault on a peaceful gathering
Police arrest top Freedom Convoy leaders in a sweep of protesters Chief vows to end demonstration against COVID vaccines this weekend February, 18


Pay attention, the ‘Liberal’ Government is not bothered to bring its’ ‘Emergency Power’ to Parliament vote by the date.

For updates on ‘liberal’ oppression in old Democracies for the sake of ‘corona-safety’ see our notes ‘Coercive Policies and Some Reactions to the Coercion in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic

“When violence intrudes into peaceful life, its face glows with self-confidence, as if it were carrying a banner and shouting: ‘I am violence. Run away, make way for me — I will crush you.’ But violence quickly grows old,” Solzhenitsyn wrote in Live Not By Lies. “After only a few years it loses confidence in itself, and in order to maintain a respectable face it summons falsehood as its ally — since violence can conceal itself with nothing except lies, and the lies can be maintained only by violence. Violence does not lay its paw on every shoulder every day: it demands from us only obedience to lies and daily participation in lies.”

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