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Left Liberal Hierarchy of “underprivileged” groups


Lefts dominate politically in the California. They are dreaming already to turn all the US in the Californian 1.5-party system.

Feeling of “political safety”, the rule which is secured reliably causes internal fighting for power and resources inside democrats there. Some of fights within Democratic Party  deliver valuable information about liberals’ vision of the future. The future of Big Government, the future of Great Redistribution requires the vision of the ways how to distribute. The Distribution under real socialism never been equal (it is not the case of Biblical “manna-from-the-heaven” when food was provided over the heads of the Moses, Aaron, over the heads of princes of the tribes, directly from the Lord to every family, every “household” in equal portions).

The distribution of the power and resources can’t be equal in the eyes of modern socialist, including left liberals in the USA too. 2008 primaries proved, the half-black man with some Islamic background dominates the white woman. The white woman could win only the white Jew (see 2016 Democratic primaries experience).

Californian intra-party conflict proved, open gay could succeed in his fighting against Latino woman. The Asian people are without doubts on the bottom of every realistically imaginable hierarchy of distribution (as they are big earners for the economy, competitive and independent, so they must pay, but not be paid).

This case provide more evidences for our previous research and proves, the best solution for every Group would be to stop Jihad against private discrimination, to stop governmental protection for “Historically excluded Groups”, to let all the people stand up and live the American way of life, being independent and industrious.


M.Yanovskiy, D.Cherny



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