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Former IDF combat training chief poor memory


Former IDF combat training chief: Hamas, Hezbollah are better fighters than our elite units

The final argument of m-r Amidror is: “The end result, if you look at the bottom line, is that the IDF does not dare cross the border into Gaza”. Pretty strange and disappointing is his deliberate ignoring a little bit changed (extremely complicated) procedures of decision making on crossing in and invasion. I can’t explain why Amidror keeps silence about ‘Military attorney general corps’ fighting tirelessly to protect Hamas from IDF… One really brave Russian (Ukranian) general and dissident Petro Grigorenko once told something about civic courage which is much superior to military courage.

Maybe it is the explanation?

For in depth study of the problem of lack of civic courage among modern military professionals  see our paper Yanovskiy Moshe, Zatcovetsky Ilia “How Butter beats the GunsDefence & Strategy, 2017 Volume 17, Number 1 (June 2017) pp.141-154 doi 10.3849/1802-7199.17.2017.01.141-154

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