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2011 Summer Riots in Tel Aviv: what they are want actually


“Tent protest” (Israel earlier version of “occupy… everything” leftist movement, Summer 2011; “TP”)

The Jerusalem Institute for Market studies (JIMS) reaction on Trajtenberg Commission proposals: trachtenbergPR2english (link at JIMS web site are temporarily out of order)

to download the text as pdf click here ;

the post content is part of the report for 2012 Public Choice Society Annual Meeting

# The issue (the problem) Reason/     Decision of the problem Government proposal and “TP” leaders    reaction “Trachtenberg commission” proposal and    “TP” leaders reaction “Tent protest” leaders demands
1 “Mass feeling of injustice” (means   “feeling of unequal distribution of wealth) New branches (High Tech) arising in the Israel and   new prospering groups of population respectively; first time in the Israel   history incomes not depend on bureaucracy and politicized oligarchy, controlling   Public and other leading Mass media    resources Enhance “progressivity” of taxation (two   new “brackets” of the scale); references on “biblical   prophets” (as if the prophets ever were communists, demanded equal   distribution not equal treatment in the court only) / too little too late;Moderate economic liberalization reversed To break the trend of incomes  inequality
2 To substitute security agenda by “social   justice” agenda New security challenges caused by Islamic   fundamentalism rising to the power around the Israel; the TP leaders urged   “to repeat success of Tahrir Square in Israel” Shares the TP leaders rhetoric; actual cuts of   military spending till not happened
3 Cheap (subsidized) dwelling At the same time demand to break building in Judea   and Samaria Actual   freezing in building in Judea and Samaria; liberalizing of building projects   procedure (see the bill draft:   –   Hebrew) No liberalizing[1],   no Judea and Shomron building, subsidizing only
4 Free pre-schooling child-care (since 3 years old)

More sources on the Issue:

Ori Chudy   (29 August 2011) (on TP leaders demands)

Trachtenberg commission reports (Hebrew)

TP own “panel of experts” (see for example ); no any plan published as a result;

Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies:  Trachtenberg’s Plans Will Be Costly Failures  JIMS Cites Report’s Faulty Logic, Offers Alternatives

Hillman (2010) “expressive behavior” (means voting or rioting for leftist agenda just “to looks fine” in spite of the majority of Israeli voters never shared this values and not interested in the agenda issues) concept reflects Israelis’ habit to the leftists ideological indoctrination[2]. Leftists ideological indoctrination (“state provided butter better than  guns” or “war is no solution” etc) means practically change the national agenda from security issues to welfare-redistribution issues and substitution the pure public goods by mixed public goods.

Mixed public goods provision defined and interpreted by leftists as “moral” and pure public goods provision (reliable defense and security provision) as  “vigilantism”, “militarism” and even fascism

For References:










Diagram:  2011 Expenses Budgetary Structure

35% of Total central Government spending – Debt Repayment, Interests and Comission; 31% Social Spending;

less than 25% – Defence and Security

Sources: Israel Finance Ministry      (Hebrew)   Grand total 348,185  billion NIS (roughly $95-97 billion)

[2] The media shift and leftist indoctrination guaranteed in Israel by “public” media and “public” schools (Rabins’ – Peace lessons etc).



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