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We specialize in providing professional advice, particularly in minimizing risks associated with dealings with authorities. This expertise is rooted in a deep understanding of government institutions, their historical context, and a straightforward, simple (not counting collection of data and facts) yet effective methodology for political institution analysis. Our approach, while uncomplicated, consistently yields accurate forecasts, as demonstrated in our past assessments of the business climate perspectives in China.
In Israel, where the business services sector is well-established, we excel in forecasting challenges related to authorities—ranging from registration and licensing to accounting and legal support. We offer tailored recommendations to connect you with those who comprehend the intricacies of your business challenges.
Additionally, in a landscape where lobbying and its culture are prevalent, though distinct from that of the United States, we stand ready to assist. With a well-developed technology sector comprising subsidiaries of major American firms and numerous startups, our team can provide valuable insights, leveraging experience in both large corporations’ local branches and startup environments.

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