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Experts and Science under COVID-19: The Curse of Government funding?


I’ve noticed the following conflict of interest reporting puzzle, working on “COVID-19 Library. Filling the Gaps“. Almost all the “people of Science” rallying around never proven efficient harsh measures empowering the governmental bureaus and, at the same time getting funds from the budget under the auspice of the same bureaus, surprisingly never declared their conflict of interest. They are interested in more and more funds from the budget, so they are pushing more powerful, ‘bigger’ and ‘bolder’ unlimited Government and not feeling any problems in this regard.

Diagram 1. Voting History of Federal District of Columbia. Sources:;

So it isn’t surprising they are ready to be aggressively partisan (say, anti-Trump in the USA sharing preferences of Washington bureaucrats – see FDC voting history). Worse, the “cancel culture” and the war on “whiteness” looks like destroyed the residuals of moral self-restrictions, so the authors proving the loss of social-economic status (SES) harming health and life expectancy badly could publicly denouncing Trumps’ statement ‘We cannot let the cure be worse than the Problem itself to claim that the crisis is good for health and even to reference on their own book proving the opposite (see for details Who Teaches the Fact-Checkers or Why Trump Must Be Wrong?

The Omnipotent Government push for government-run Health care making the Doctor to greater extent bureaucrats, not accountable to the patient and to the society noble expert. Mandatory vaccination spoils pharmaceutical firms incentives as to invest in the desirable political decision-making turned to be more profitable than in R&D, to say nothing on information for consumers about vaccines for really informed consent). Mandatory healthcare causes dangerous temptation for physicians and a really big threat for patients. Informational Asymmetry Problem became more and more grave and troublesome for the patients. While under free society and democratic rule information asymmetry problem is mitigated more or less successfully by a number of reliable, tested solutions, under totalitarian rule, doctor-patient asymmetry not counted as a problem at all, at the best (see for details “Institutional Aspects of the Power Abuse Problem in Healthcare Under Totalitarian Rule: Case of Nazi Germany”

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